6 Jobs You Can Do at Home

In the past, many people did not believe that there was work that could be done at home, but after the government popularized the term Work From Home (WFH), they realized that there was work that could be done at home with a high salary that was even greater than the work usually done in the office.

In this article, I will share what work you can do yourself at home, 2 types of homework can make money, namely Freelance (Part-Time Work) and Remote Work (data entry jobs).QW

The difference is that we freelance work all we want without the need for a boss or superiors. We work alone with clients according to an agreement without company intermediaries. Meanwhile, if we work remotely, we still work for other people, the only difference is that we can do the work at home via the internet (online).

Immediately we discuss …

6 Online Jobs That Can Make You Money

Several jobs can be done at home, if you decide to become a homeworker, you must have work support tools, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and most importantly the Internet. Some of the following jobs are considered very potent and will not be easily replaced by robots in the 4.0 era

Writer (Content Writer)

Writing is the easiest job to do anywhere. With only a laptop and the internet, you can do work wherever and whenever you want.

Author vacancies are getting higher every day because the demand for content is so great. Many businesses or blog owners need author services to fill their blog content.

Apart from being a content writer, we can also provide script editing services, novel or short story writing services, copywriters, or any work that goes into the realm of writing. This job is suitable for anyone regardless of age and age restrictions. Many elementary school children can make millions from writing jobs.

Graphic Designer

Some of the online workers who work at home are graphic designers. This expertise is in great demand in foreign markets and the pay is very high. For those of you who crave a dollar income, you can pursue this job.

Video Editor

A video editor is a video editing job to make it more beautiful and by market desires. You only need to master the basics of videography and master editor software such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or other editors that are needed by the market.

Web Developer

Website is the main spearhead for all businesses that rely on the internet. Therefore the need for a website is very high. To become a web developer you only need to master the front end and backend programming languages ​​and the CMS (Content Management System).

To deepen web developer skills, there are lots of free online courses (courses) or tutorials that you can learn on Youtube.


Programmer is the job of creating a program with a code (coding) by the function and market demand. To become a programmer you must first master algorithms, flowcharts, systems, and of course programming languages.

This job is one of the high-paying and high-paying jobs. However, it is proportional to the workload and effort that a programmer must spend.


If you prefer to create content in the form of videos, then you can become a YouTuber. Maybe it is familiar that YouTubers can make money up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Yes, this is true, the more subscribers you have, the greater your income. To become a successful YouTuber, of course, you must consistently present videos that are useful to others.


Those are the jobs that can be done at home. It turns out that many job options can generate unlimited money and salaries. The higher the skills and expertise, the greater our potential for getting high pay.

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